The Beginning

blockimagelarkinSometimes you have a story in your soul, that needs to get out. It claws at you and consumes your daydreams. The characters start to become real to you, they plead with you to tell their story. This is where I am. This has been my reality for the past year. Two months ago I decided to tell their tale.

My novel is inspired blonelygirly stories told in waiting rooms, by friend’s experiences, and by what my son went through with his head injury.  The story is fiction but the emotions are very real. I was asked to keep a notebook and record all of it and to write a book about it all.  But, the story didn’t come to life for me right away, until all of a sudden, my main character was born. I was trying to force the story into a non-fictional account of the injury itself. But that’s not what needed to be told. What is needed to be told is the story for friends of concussion patients.

This novel is told through the eyes of the patient as she tries to get back to life. It follows a 17-year-old girl, Larkin, after an injury stole two years from her. It’s not about the head injury, it’s about its after effects, the ripples, and tears in her psyche.

Over the next few entries, I will be introducing you to the characters. They would love for you to get to know them and to grow to love them.  They will be lovable, hateful, empathetic, and closed minded… Every single one.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I am so proud of you for getting your story out there. I know it won’t be easy to relive some of the accounts that will surely make it into your book, but your eminence strength and courage will prevail. You are my hero and I can’t wait to read your book and travel along side you on this journey through your blog.


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