AP English Literature and Composition

AP Lit

Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature
and Composition (Two Semesters)

***Not Accepting New Students for the Spring Semester***

This course has been approved by the College Board and has earned the AP designation. Students will be given the letter of verification at the end of the school year to include in their homeschooling portfolios.

1012th Grades

$150 per semester. Cost includes online classroom content, video lectures, assignments, and grading. Cost does not include the textbooks or the cost of the AP test.

Semester Two Dates:

January 13th – May 1st, 2020
Spring Break April 9-15th

Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition is a university-level course giving the students the possibility of college credit after passing the AP test in May. This course will provide motivated students with an intellectually stimulating workload that will be consistent with first-year literature courses taught on college campuses. This course will follow the guidelines set forth by the College Board and will focus on building those skills necessary for success in higher education.

Students will read and analyze literature from a variety of genres, time periods, and cultures. Careful observation and interpretation will be taught as students learn such literary elements as imagery, symbolism, tone, and figurative language, as well as character development, point-of-view, setting, and perspective. Students will be asked to read novels, short stories, poetry, and plays as they work through these literary concepts. A number of writing assignments will be assigned, and analytical skills will be stressed.

Students wishing to take the AP test in May should make arrangements with public and private schools near them. This test is widely given, so there should be no issue in finding a location for homeschoolers to sit for the test. This course has been approved by the College Board and can be notated as AP English Literature and Composition on transcripts. Students will be given a letter from the College Board verifying this course as approved. Students do not have to plan on taking the AP test to take this course.

Required Books:

  • Literature: Craft and Voice (Second Edition): by Nicholas Delbanco and Alan Cheuse. (ISBN 0077760239)
  • How to Read Literature Like a Professor: by Thomas C. Foster (ISBN 9780062301673)
  • Frankenstein: by Mary Shelley
  • The Awakening: by Kate Chopin
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God: by Zora Neil Hurston
  • Catch-22: by Joseph Heller


  • This course has an intense workload, students will be expected to keep up with and meet deadlines and assignment expectations. Expectations will include readings, writing assignments, and participation in discussion board posts.
  • This course is taught online, reliable internet connectivity is a must.
  • The online classroom will consist of assignments, readings, articles, discussions, writing workshops, informative videos, and video lectures created by the teacher.

Instructor: Abigail Baia

Use the form below to ask questions or to register. You can also email the instructor at awildbaia@gmail.com. Once we receive your completed form we will get in touch with you with more information, as well as payment information and online classroom instructions if registering.