Abigail Wild, MFA

A professional editor with a critical eye and a deep respect for the beauty of words.

Wild Ink Publishing
Owner / Creative Director

Cable Creek Publishing

NYC Midnight
Short Story Challenge Judge

Just getting started with your novel?

  • Monthly Coaching Zoom calls
  • Manuscript review before each call
  • Email support
  • What I assist you with:
    • Creating a concept
    • Fleshing out characters
    • Setting and world-building
    • Plot structure and subplots
    • Genre specific guidance
    • Outlining
    • Overall feel, style, and tone
    • Accountability schedule

      $500 while you are writing your first draft*

Do you need monthly support?

  • One coaching call per month
  • Email support
  • Accountability schedule

    $75 per month

*Payment plans available, let’s talk about it.

In the middle of writing and getting stuck? Or maybe you need a little less help.

  • Monthly coaching Zoom calls
  • Manuscript review with each call
  • Email support
  • Two detailed manuscript reviews while you are writing
    • One in the middle of your project and one at the end
  • Accountability schedule


Single Coaching Calls

If you are stuck, have run out of ideas, or have written yourself into a corner, I can help you rethink your project so that you will be able to get writing again.

$50 per call

Contact me, let’s chat!