Exploring Literature (9-12th Grades)


Exploring Literature (Semester One of Two)

9-12th Grades

Course with grading and suggestions: $130 (each semester)

Content without teacher grading
$75 (each semester)

Semester Two Dates:
January 13th – May 1st, 2020
Spring Break April 9-15th

This year-long course will explore the world of literature through short stories, novels, poetry, drama, and non-fiction.  Through these works, the student will learn literary elements such as character, setting, point-of-view, tone and style, symbolism, and plot structure.  Writing will be taught through literary response papers. Creative writing will be introduced in a way to help the student not only write their own high-quality works but to also help them grow in their understanding of the literature read in class. Authors such as John Steinbeck, Ralph Ellison, Flannery O’Connor, Alice Walker, and more will be read. Poets such as William Shakespeare, John Keats, Philip Larkin, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson will be studied. We will read through and learn about the theater through Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and Lorraine Hansberry. Students will choose two novels to be read and studied from a pre-selected list, to put their analytical skills to the test. This course will produce a series of short analytical papers using the MLA8 style, as well as a memoir, a short story, and a poem. Students will also work together to write a one-act play as a class. This course will meet within the Schoology Learning Management System, course code and directions will be sent upon registration.

Required Book: Literature: Craft and Voice (Second Edition) by Nicholas Delbanco and Alan Cheuse. Students will also be presented with a list of novels to choose from for their novel projects. Internet connectivity is a must.

Expectation: Five hours of work and instruction each week.  One to two discussion boards a week. Students will be expected to make one substantial post and comment on at least two of their peer’s posts. Students will be expected to do readings and write each week.

The online classroom will consist of assignments, articles, discussions, writing workshops, informative videos, and video lectures created by the teacher.

Teacher: Abigail Baia

Contact for more information:

Use the form below to ask questions or to register. You can also email the instructor at awildbaia@gmail.com. Once we receive your completed form we will get in touch with you with more information, as well as payment information and online classroom instructions if registering.