Abigail Wild, MFA

A professional editor with a critical eye and a deep respect for the beauty of words.

Wild Ink Publishing
Owner / Creative Director

Cable Creek Publishing

NYC Midnight
Short Story Challenge Judge

Sample Edit
I want to make sure I am a good fit for you, so please allow me to edit your first 500 words for free.


Manuscript Review
With your manuscript review I will read the entire piece, making detailed comments after each chapter. This is similar to a beta read, where a friend or family member reads your submission before you make deep revisions. The difference is that I have the expertise and training to give you professional feedback.

$100 (up to 85,000 words)

After your manuscript has been edited and laid out, I will go through it one more time searching for typographical errors. I will not look to change your wording in this phase, I will only look for typos and formatting errors.

Includes a one-hour Zoom consultation call.

$.02 per word*

Developmental Editing
Developmental editing is a deep dive into your manuscript. I will focus on the big picture paying close attention to style and structure, addressing plot holes, problems with characterization, inconsistencies, pacing, and genre-related problems. Essentially, I become your book doctor.

Includes two one-hour Zoom consultation calls.

$.05 per word*

Copy Editing
Copy editing is checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style before proofreading. As your copy editor, I will fix any problems that have to do with transitions, flow, pacing, as well as light fact-checking.

Includes a one-hour Zoom consultation call.

$.03 per word*

Editing Bundles

Gold Editing Bundle

This bundle includes all editing types: Developmental, Copy, and Proofreading. I will work through your manuscript multiple times as you are ready for each level of editing.

Includes three one-hour Zoom consultation calls.

$.07 per word*

Silver Editing Bundle: $.032 plus two one-hour Zoom consultation calls

This bundle includes copy editing and proofreading, as well as two one-hour Zoom consultation calls.

$.032 per word*

*Payment plans available, let’s talk.

Contact me, let’s chat!